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STIPA arundinacea - Pheasant Tail Grass

STIPA arundinacea - Pheasant Tail Grass

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Introducing the exquisite Pheasant Tail Grass, STIPA arundinacea, a graceful and ornamental perennial that adds a touch of elegance to your landscape. Also known as 'Mexican Feather Grass,' this cultivar is a slender and feathery grass that sways delicately in the breeze, creating a captivating dance of movement and texture in your garden.

Key Features:
Graceful Foliage: The slender, arching blades of Pheasant Tail Grass resemble the elegant tail feathers of a pheasant, providing a unique and graceful texture to your garden. As the grass gently sways, it imparts a sense of movement and adds a dynamic element to the landscape.

Coppery-Golden Plumes: In late summer, Pheasant Tail Grass produces delicate, feathery plumes that take on a captivating coppery-golden hue. These inflorescences add a warm and luminous touch to your garden, creating a stunning display that lasts well into the summer.

Compact and Tidy Growth: With a compact and clumping growth habit, STIPA arundinacea is an ideal choice for borders, rock gardens, or as an accent plant. Its neat form makes it easy to integrate into various garden styles, adding a touch of sophistication.

• Botanical Name: STIPA arundinacea
• Common Name: Pheasant Tail Grass, Mexican Feather Grass
• Plant Type: Perennial Grass
• Mature Height: 18-36 inches
• Mature Spread: 12-24 inches
• Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
• Bloom Time: Late summer to summer.
• Flower Colour: Coppery gold
• Foliage Colour: Green
• Water Needs: Low to moderate.
• Soil Type: Well-drained, adaptable
• Maintenance: Low - Cut back in late winter or early spring to encourage fresh growth.
• Drought Tolerance: Pheasant Tail Grass is remarkably drought-tolerant, making it an excellent choice for water-wise landscapes. Once established, it can thrive with minimal watering, adding sustainability to your garden.

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