About Park Farm Plants

I grew up on my parents’ dairy farm. I would spend my time helping with the cattle, chasing the little bantams around, and generally getting stuck into farm life. On weekends we would visit my gran, grandad, and uncle on their small holding where they also had a farm shop.

I remember when they used to grow thousands of wallflowers for the winter bedding market- what a joy it was! They also grew Christmas trees, bedding plants, and vegetables for their small farm shop, as well as for lots of local cafes and greengrocers.

We always got involved in whatever jobs needed doing, from pricking out seedlings to picking tomatoes and cucumbers, or watering all of the growing plants. Their work ethic, joined with watching my dad work 24/7 on our farm, has given me my life long passion for horticulture.

After obtaining a 1st Class Commercial Horticulture Degree at Hadlow College I started a successful garden maintenance business.

With the birth of my daughters came Park Farm Plants; a plant growing company that allows me to nurture my passion and my family.