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Lavender - LAVANDULA x intermedia 'Grosso' - Fat Lavender

Lavender - LAVANDULA x intermedia 'Grosso' - Fat Lavender

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LAVANDULA x intermedia 'Grosso,' a botanical marvel known for its robust and aromatic presence, earning it the affectionate moniker "Fat Lavender." With its strikingly large flower spikes, rich purple blossoms, and an intoxicating fragrance, 'Grosso' is a garden standout, bringing bold elegance and sensory pleasure to any landscape.

Grand Flower Spikes: 'Grosso' earns its "Fat Lavender" nickname with its impressive flower spikes that stand tall and proud. These generously sized spikes are adorned with abundant violet-purple blossoms, creating a regal and majestic display in your garden.

Aromatic Opulence: Immerse yourself in the opulence of 'Grosso's' lavender fragrance. The aromatic oils released by this lavender variety are especially potent, filling the air with a soothing and luxurious scent that is both invigorating and calming, creating a sensory oasis in your outdoor space.

Compact and Sturdy Growth: Despite its grandeur, 'Grosso' maintains a compact and sturdy growth habit. This makes it an excellent choice for various garden settings, including borders, hedges, or as a standout focal point. The dense and well-branched structure enhances its visual appeal.

Extended Bloom Time: Enjoy the beauty of 'Grosso' for an extended period as it unfurls its blooms from late spring through the summer months. This lavender variety ensures a prolonged display of vibrant purple blossoms, allowing you to revel in its bold elegance throughout the growing season.

Versatile Garden Showstopper: Whether planted in formal gardens, cottage-style landscapes, or even as a fragrant addition to cut flower arrangements, 'Grosso' adds a touch of grandeur to any setting. Its adaptability and resilience make it a versatile garden showstopper.

• Botanical Name: LAVANDULA x intermedia 'Grosso'
• Mature Size: 24-36 inches in height, 36-48 inches in spread
• Bloom Time: Late spring to summer
• Light Requirements: Full sun
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained, sandy-loam soil
• Hardiness Zone: 5-9
• Extra Notes: highly aromatic and ideal for containers. The flowers can be crystallised, added to jams, jellies, ice cream and vinegar. The leaves can be used sparingly in salads, marinades, soups, and stews.

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