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Fleabane - ERIGERON 'Profusion'

Fleabane - ERIGERON 'Profusion'

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Introducing Fleabane (Erigeron) 'Profusion,' a charming and resilient perennial that brings a profusion of delicate daisy-like flowers to your garden. This variety is celebrated for its prolific blooms, creating a sea of soft, lavender-pink petals that add a touch of whimsy and elegance to borders, rock gardens, or cottage-style landscapes.

Prolific Lavender-Pink Blooms: 'Profusion' lives up to its name, offering an abundance of lavender-pink blooms that cover the plant in a delightful profusion of colour. The daisy-like flowers boast a charming simplicity, creating a visually appealing and gentle atmosphere in your garden. The soft hue adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.

Compact and Mounding Growth: This Fleabane variety exhibits a compact and mounding growth habit, reaching a height of approximately 12 to 18 inches. The well-branched stems create a dense and lush appearance, making 'Profusion' an excellent choice for borders, edging, or as a ground cover. Its tidy growth adds structure and charm to the garden.

Fine, Green Foliage: Complementing the profusion of blooms is the fine-textured green foliage of 'Profusion.' The slender leaves create an attractive backdrop for the daisy-like flowers, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the plant. The foliage remains verdant and healthy throughout the growing season.

Long Blooming Period: Enjoy an extended blooming period with 'Profusion,' typically from late spring to early summer. The continuous display of lavender-pink flowers ensures a lasting and enchanting presence in your garden. These prolific blooms also attract pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, contributing to the vitality of your outdoor space.

Low-Maintenance and Drought-Tolerant: 'Profusion' is known for its low-maintenance nature and resilience. This Fleabane variety is drought-tolerant and thrives in well-drained soil and full sun. Its adaptability and hardiness make it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a reliable and carefree perennial that delivers enduring beauty.

• Botanical Name: Erigeron 'Profusion'
• Type: Perennial
• Mature Height: 12-18 inches
• Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer
• Flower Colour: Lavender-pink
• Foliage: Fine-textured, green
• Light Requirements: Full sun
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained
• Hardiness Zone: 4-9

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