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Chamomile, Sweet - (Chamaemelum nobilis) (Flowering)

Chamomile, Sweet - (Chamaemelum nobilis) (Flowering)

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Sweet Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobilis) is a delightful herbaceous perennial that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Here are some key details about this charming plant:

  • Height: It typically grows to a compact height of 25 centimeters (about 10 inches), forming a mat-like structure.
  • Leaves: The finely divided leaves are aromatic and add to its appeal.
  • Flowers: Sweet chamomile produces daisy-like flowers with a yellow center and white rays. These delicate blooms are approximately 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) across.
  • Other Common Names: You might encounter sweet chamomile by other names such as common chamomile, corn chamomile, dog’s chamomile, German chamomile, ground apple, lawn chamomile, pellitory of Spain, Roman chamomile, Scotch chamomile, and St Anne’s flower.
  • Growing Conditions:
    • Soil: Well-drained soil, including chalk, loam, and sand.
    • Sun Exposure: Full sun or partial shade.
    • Hardiness: It is hardy up to H7.
  • Uses:
    • Sweet chamomile is perfect for cottage gardens, wildflower meadows, and informal garden settings.
    • The pretty white flowers can be dried and used to make soothing chamomile tea or added to potpourri.

Remember, this delightful herb has a spreading habit and offers a touch of fragrant beauty to your outdoor space! 🌼🌿

(Chamaemelum nobilis)

Narrative Description:

A sweet smelling herb, which produces lovely petite daisy-like flowers.

Ideal Conditions:

Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.

Possible Situation:

Ideal for culinary use and has also been used for teas and infusions. Also suitable for ornamental use.




Mat Forming

Height x Spread / Trail:

15 x 30 cm


Attracts Wildlife


Typical Season:





Flower Colour:


Foliage Colour:


Flowering Time:

June - September

Planting Recommendations:



Full Sun

Part Sun

Temperature Tolerance:

A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially if protected from the hardest frosts.

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