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Bergenia 'Overture'

Bergenia 'Overture'

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Bergenia's are evergreen herbaceous perennials characterized by their distinctive glossy, rounded leaves. Their bold foliage has earned them the common name of “elephant’s ears.”

Traditionally, Bergenia's have been relegated to challenging, shady areas of the garden where few other plants thrive. However, these versatile plants deserve a more prominent role in your garden. Modern varieties are often more compact than older cultivars, and many display intriguing leaf colours during winter—ranging from coral to red to burgundy. In spring, their flowers emerge on short stems, showcasing shades of magenta, pale pink, or white. These blooms not only complement spring bulbs but also provide essential nectar for pollinating insects.

Bergenia's are low-maintenance, drought-resistant, and adaptable to various soil types, including poor, dry soils and clay. They thrive equally well in sunny or shaded locations.

For an eye-catching display at the front of your border, consider pairing Bergenia's’ bold, rounded foliage with plants that feature contrasting, finely textured leaves, such as ferns. 🌿🌸

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