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Evergreen Shrub collection - 6 varieties in 9cm pots

Evergreen Shrub collection - 6 varieties in 9cm pots

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The Evergreen Shrub Collection is a great value assortment of six hardy evergreen shrubs, each supplied in 9cm pots. Here are the key features of this collection:

  1. Year-Round Leaf Colour and Interest: These shrubs provide year-round visual appeal due to their evergreen foliage. Whether you’re looking to fill gaps in your garden borders or create low-maintenance screens, this collection has you covered.

  2. Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance: Each plant in the collection is easy to cultivate and requires minimal care. You won’t need to spend hours tending to them, making them ideal for busy gardeners.

  3. Best Foliage Plants: The collection includes a mix of six of the best foliage plants. Their leaves will add texture, colour, and interest to your outdoor space.

  4. Ready to Plant: Supplied as a set of named shrubs, these 9cm potted plants are ready to be planted straight out. Simply choose a suitable spot in your garden and enjoy their beauty!

Whether you want to brighten up pots, patios, beds, or borders, this Evergreen Shrub Collection is a fantastic choice. 🌿🌼




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