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Wallflower, Perennial - ERYSIMUM 'Golden Jubilee'

Wallflower, Perennial - ERYSIMUM 'Golden Jubilee'

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ERYSIMUM 'Golden Jubilee,' a garden gem that adds a golden touch of splendour to your landscape. Bursting with vibrant yellow blooms and exhibiting a compact, bushy form, this perennial beauty is a celebration of colour, fragrance, and year-round garden appeal.

Radiant Golden Blooms: 'Golden Jubilee' takes centre stage with its brilliant, golden-yellow blossoms that illuminate the garden with a warm and sunny glow. The vibrant colour of the blooms makes this Wallflower a standout feature, adding a touch of jubilant brilliance to your outdoor sanctuary.

Continuous Bloomer: Revel in the extended floral display as 'Golden Jubilee' unfurls its blossoms from late spring well into summer. This perennial wallflower ensures your garden remains adorned with the cheerful allure of golden hues, creating a lively and vibrant landscape.

Compact and Bushy Form: With a neat and bushy growth habit, 'Golden Jubilee' is an ideal choice for borders, rock gardens, or containers. The compact form of this perennial adds structure and visual appeal to various garden settings, making it a versatile and adaptable addition.

Fragrant Garden Delight: Beyond its visual charm, 'Golden Jubilee' engages the senses with a delightful fragrance. The sweet and spicy scent emanates from the golden blooms, creating an inviting atmosphere and enhancing the overall sensory experience in your garden.

Low-maintenance Brilliance: Flourishing in well-drained soil and partial to full sun, this Wallflower is a low-maintenance perennial. 'Golden Jubilee' is perfect for those seeking a burst of colour without the fuss, providing vibrant blooms and year-round garden brilliance with minimal care.

• Botanical Name: ERYSIMUM 'Golden Jubilee'
• Mature Size: 12-18 inches in height, 12-15 inches in spread
• Bloom Time: Late spring to summer
• Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained, fertile soil
• Hardiness Zone: 6-9
• Extra Notes: Excellent in many situations, either in the wall, gravel garden, rockery or in a container with Aubrieta, Campanula and Dianthus

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