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Wallflower, Perennial - ERYSIMUM 'Erysistible Magenta'

Wallflower, Perennial - ERYSIMUM 'Erysistible Magenta'

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Perennial Wallflower - ERYSIMUM 'Erysistible Magenta,' a garden treasure that promises to add a burst of vibrant colour and irresistible charm to your landscape. Known for its captivating magenta blooms and a delightful fragrance, this perennial beauty is a must-have for any garden enthusiast.

Majestic Magenta Blooms: 'Erysistible Magenta' stands out with its striking, magenta-coloured flowers that blanket the plant in a profusion of colour. The vibrant hues create a visually arresting display, ensuring that this Wallflower becomes a standout feature in your garden.

Long-lasting Blossoms: Enjoy the beauty of 'Erysistible Magenta' throughout the seasons. This perennial wallflower produces a succession of blooms, ensuring a continuous burst of magenta from late spring well into summer. Revel in the enduring charm of its radiant flowers.

Compact and Neat Habit: 'Erysistible Magenta' boasts a compact and tidy growth habit, making it an excellent choice for both borders and containers. The neat form of this perennial ensures that it integrates seamlessly into various garden settings, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Fragrance Delight: Beyond its visual appeal, 'Erysistible Magenta' engages the senses with a delightful fragrance. The sweet and spicy scent wafts through the air, creating an inviting atmosphere that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your outdoor haven.

Low-maintenance Brilliance: Flourishing in well-drained soil and partial to full sun, this Wallflower is a low-maintenance perennial. 'Erysistible Magenta' is perfect for gardeners seeking a brilliant burst of colour without the fuss, offering vibrant blooms with minimal care.

• Botanical Name: ERYSIMUM 'Erysistible Magenta'
• Mature Size: 12-18 inches in height, 12-15 inches in spread
• Bloom Time: Late spring to summer
• Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained, fertile soil
• Hardiness Zone: 6-9

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