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Summer Flowering Bulbs - 100 Days of Colour Bulb Collection

Summer Flowering Bulbs - 100 Days of Colour Bulb Collection

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A vibrant kaleidoscope of blossoms that promises to paint your garden with a palette of hues for an extended period. This carefully curated assortment includes Dahlia 'Rembrandt,' Gladiolus nanus 'Nymph,' Ixia 'Rose,' Anemone 'The Bride,' and Allium 'Neapolitanum.' Immerse your outdoor space in a continuous symphony of colours, ensuring a breathtaking display throughout the summer months.

Dahlia 'Rembrandt' takes centre stage with its large, showy blooms in an array of warm and inviting tones. These dahlias are renowned for their diverse colour patterns, adding an artistic flair to your garden. With a prolonged blooming period, 'Rembrandt' contributes to the collection's promise of 100 days of vibrant colour.

Gladiolus nanus 'Nymph' follows suit with its graceful spikes of delicate, butterfly-like blossoms. The charming flowers, adorned in various shades of pink and white, create an elegant vertical display that lasts for an extended duration, ensuring a continuous spectacle in your garden.

Ixia 'Rose' brings a touch of elegance with its slender stems bearing star-shaped flowers in soft, rosy hues. These South African beauties add a delicate charm to borders or containers, contributing to the collection's commitment to a long-lasting burst of colour.

Anemone 'The Bride' graces the collection with its pure white, daisy-like blooms. These exquisite flowers radiate simplicity and sophistication, creating a timeless and classic aesthetic that endures throughout the summer.

Completing the ensemble, Allium 'Neapolitanum' contributes its clusters of star-shaped, white flowers atop tall stems. The airy and graceful appearance of these alliums adds a touch of ethereal beauty to your garden, ensuring a delightful display for an extended period.

• Ideal for: Beds & Borders
• Type: Perennial
• Plant: March onwards
• Depth: 6inches (15cm)
• Apart: Please see photo details
• Bloom Time: All summer long
• Height: 10-24inches (25-60cm)
• Exposure: Full Sun
• Soil: Well-drained, moisture retentive soil

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