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Wilja potatoes are renowned for their rich, earthy flavour and creamy texture. Perfect for roasting, boiling, or mashing, these potatoes are a versatile addition to any kitchen. With a relatively short maturation period, Wilja potatoes offer an early harvest, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labour sooner.

Key Features:
• Fast maturing Second early potatoes
• Full of flavour with high-yields
• Perfect for Salads, Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip & Roast
• Harvest: July to September

• Plant in well-draining soil with good sunlight as soon as the risk of frosts have passed (March – May)
• Raise shallow ridges 60cm/24” apart and plant the seed potatoes into the ridges at 12cm/5” deep and 22cm/9” apart
• If the potatoes have been chitted, be careful not to damage the chits
• When the plants are at about 20cm/8” tall, draw soil up around the lower leaves
• Water consistently and monitor for pests as needed.
• Harvest when the foliage turns yellow, indicating maturity.

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