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DICHONDRA sericea 'Silver Falls' - Pony Foot

DICHONDRA sericea 'Silver Falls' - Pony Foot

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‘Silver Falls' is a trailing and elegant groundcover that adds a cascade of silver beauty to any garden. This unique and eye-catching perennial is known for its cascading silver-grey foliage, creating a stunning visual display whether planted in hanging baskets, containers, or allowed to gracefully spill over garden edges. Embrace the ethereal charm of Pony Foot and elevate your outdoor space with its distinctive silver summers.

The 'Silver Falls' variety of Dichondra sericea is a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant plant that thrives in full sun to partial shade. Its small, kidney-shaped leaves create a dense carpet of silver-green, making it an excellent choice for groundcovers and decorative plantings. Whether used as a standalone feature or paired with other plants, Pony Foot 'Silver Falls' adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your garden.

• Botanical Name: Dichondra sericea 'Silver Falls'
• Common Name: Pony Foot
• Hardiness Zone: 9-11 (often grown as an annual in cooler climates)
• Mature Height: 8-15 cm (3-6 inches)
• Trailing Length: Up to 90 cm (36 inches)
• Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
• Foliage Colour: Silver-grey
• Growth Habit: Trailing, spreading.
• Growth Rate: Fast-spreading, vigorous
• Soil Requirements: Well-draining, average soil
• Watering Needs: Low to moderate; allow soil to dry between waterings.
• Maintenance: Low; trim or pinch back to maintain shape
• Uses: Hanging baskets, containers, groundcovers
• Special Features: Drought-tolerant, cascading habit, silver foliage

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