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Hebe - HEBE Mixed Varieties

Hebe - HEBE Mixed Varieties

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Introducing the Hebe Mixed Varieties Collection, a stunning ensemble of versatile evergreen shrubs that will elevate your garden with an array of colours, forms, and textures. This curated mix showcases the diversity within the Hebe genus, offering a delightful blend of foliage, flowers, and year-round interest.

Diverse Foliage: The Hebe Mixed Varieties Collection presents a tapestry of foliage, ranging from vibrant greens to silvery hues and variegated patterns. Each variety within this collection contributes its unique leaf shape and colour, adding depth and visual intrigue to your garden.

Seasonal Blooms: Enjoy a continuous display of blooms as various Hebe varieties in this collection produce clusters of delicate flowers throughout the growing season. The blossoms range from white and pink to lavender, attracting pollinators and infusing your garden with fragrance and charm.

Compact and Mounding Growth: The Hebe Mixed Varieties exhibit a compact and mounding growth habit, making them ideal for borders, containers, or as attractive ground covers. Their well-branched structure creates a lush and appealing appearance, contributing to the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

Year-Round Interest: Embrace the evergreen nature of Hebes, ensuring that your garden remains vibrant and attractive even during the winter months. The collection provides structure and interest throughout the year, maintaining a captivating presence in your outdoor space.

Low-Maintenance: Hebes are known for their hardiness and adaptability, requiring minimal care. With their ability to thrive in various soil conditions and resistance to pests, the Hebe Mixed Varieties Collection is a low-maintenance choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and ease.

• Botanical Name: Hebe Mixed Varieties
• Mature Size: Varied, typically 12-36 inches in height and spread
• Foliage: Evergreen, diverse colours and patterns
• Bloom Time: Spring to fall, depending on the variety
• Flower Colours: White, pink, lavender
• Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained, adaptable
• Hardiness Zone: Varies by variety, typically 7-10

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