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Gladioli, Acidanthera - GLADIOLUS Callianthus var. murieliae

Gladioli, Acidanthera - GLADIOLUS Callianthus var. murieliae

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Gladiolus Callianthus var. murieliae, also known as Acidanthera—a captivating and exotic addition to your garden that effortlessly combines grace and fragrance. This unique gladiolus variety showcases slender, arching spikes adorned with pristine, white, star-shaped blossoms that exude a delightful, sweet fragrance, creating an enchanting ambiance in your outdoor space.

The Gladiolus Callianthus var. murieliae, or Acidanthera, stands out with its elegant and tropical appearance. Each blossom features a prominent maroon blotch at the centre of its pristine white petals, adding a touch of drama to the overall display. The arching stems give a graceful movement to the garden, creating a visual spectacle that captures attention and admiration.

Easy to grow and versatile, Acidanthera thrives in well-drained soil and prefers a sunny location. Whether planted in garden beds, borders, or containers, these gladioli make a striking statement and contribute to a tropical oasis feel. Their late summer to fall bloom time extends the beauty of your garden well into the changing seasons.

• Ideal for: Garden Fragrance
• Type: Perennial
• Plant: March onwards
• Depth: 3-4inches (7-10cm)
• Apart: 6-8inches (15-25cm)
• Bloom Time: August to September
• Height: 30inches (75cm)
• Exposure: Full Sun
• Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil

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