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Gunnera manicata (Giant Rhubarb)

Gunnera manicata (Giant Rhubarb)

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The majestic Gunnera or Giant Rhubarbnis a bold and dramatic statement plant that commands attention. Known for its colossal size and prehistoric appearance, this architectural giant brings a touch of the exotic to your outdoor space. With enormous, umbrella-like leaves and a commanding presence, the Gunnera manicata transforms your garden into a lush, tropical paradise.

The Giant Rhubarb's colossal leaves, often reaching widths of up to 2 meters, create an impressive display that offers both shade and visual impact. The deeply lobed, textured foliage provides a stunning backdrop for garden landscapes. This robust perennial is best suited for spacious areas, where its grandeur can be fully appreciated. Its growth pattern resembles the unfolding of a prehistoric fern, adding a touch of drama to any garden setting.

• Botanical Name: Gunnera manicata
• Common Name: Giant Rhubarb
• Hardiness Zone: 7-10
• Mature Height: 2.5-3 meters (8-10 feet)
• Mature Width: 3-4 meters (10-13 feet)
• Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
• Foliage Colour: Green with red stems
• Growth Habit: Clumping, spreading.
• Growth Rate: Fast
• Soil Requirements: Moist, fertile soil
• Watering Needs: High; thrives in consistently moist conditions.
• Maintenance: Moderate; remove old leaves and protect the crown in winter
• Uses: Specimen plant, focal point in large gardens
• Special Features: Architectural, tropical appearance provides shade.

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