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Geum - GEUM chiloense 'Sunrise'

Geum - GEUM chiloense 'Sunrise'

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Embrace the gentle beauty of a new day with Geum chiloense 'Sunrise,' a perennial treasure that bathes your garden in the soft hues of dawn. This exceptional variety of Geum captivates with its semi-double to double apricot blooms, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and sophistication. 'Sunrise' is not just a flower; it's a promise of elegance, infusing your outdoor space with timeless allure.

Key Features:
Soft Apricot Blooms: 'Sunrise' enchants with its semi-double to double flowers in a delicate apricot hue, reminiscent of the soft, early morning light. These blooms bring a sense of calm and sophistication to your garden, creating a peaceful retreat.

Extended Blooming Season: Enjoy an extended display of colour as 'Sunrise' graces your garden from late spring well into the summer months. The continuous blooming season ensures a tranquil and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and contemplation.

Graceful and Compact Growth: With a graceful and compact growth habit, this Geum variety is an excellent choice for borders, rock gardens, or containers. 'Sunrise' forms neat clumps, imparting an organized yet charming display that complements any setting.

• Botanical Name: GEUM chiloense 'Sunrise'
• Common Name: Avens 'Sunrise'
• Plant Type: Perennial
• Mature Height: 12-18 inches
• Mature Spread: 18-24 inches
• Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
• Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer
• Flower Colour: Apricot
• Water Needs: Moderate
• Soil Type: Well-drained
• Maintenance: Low – deadheading for prolonged blooms
• Attracts: Butterflies and Bees
• Easy-Care Sophistication: 'Sunrise' is a low-maintenance perennial, requiring minimal care to thrive. Regular watering and occasional deadheading are all it takes to keep this Geum looking its best, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your garden effortlessly.

Butterfly and Bee Friendly: Attract beneficial pollinators to your garden, as 'Sunrise' is known for its ability to draw in butterflies and bees. Enhance the ecological balance of your outdoor space while enjoying the delightful presence of these essential insects.

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