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Fleabane - ERIGERON 'Azure Beauty'

Fleabane - ERIGERON 'Azure Beauty'

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Striking Azure Blooms: 'Azure Beauty' lives up to its name, showcasing an abundance of stunning azure-blue flowers that pop against green foliage. The delicate, daisy-like blossoms create a visual spectacle, infusing your garden with a tranquil and mesmerizing allure.

Extended Bloom Period: Enjoy a prolonged display of colour as 'Azure Beauty' graces your garden from late spring to the first frost. The continuous blooming season ensures your outdoor space remains vibrant and inviting, with a sea of azure blossoms.

Compact and Vigorous Growth: With a compact and vigorous growth habit, this Fleabane variety is ideal for borders, containers, or rock gardens. 'Azure Beauty' forms a well-branched structure, creating a lush and organized display that enhances any landscape.

• Botanical Name: ERIGERON 'Azure Beauty'
• Common Name: Fleabane 'Azure Beauty'
• Plant Type: Perennial
• Mature Height: 12-18 inches
• Mature Spread: 18-24 inches
• Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
• Bloom Time: Late spring to first frost
• Flower Colour: Azure-blue
• Water Needs: Moderate
• Soil Type: Well-drained
• Maintenance: Low – deadheading for prolonged blooms
• Attracts: Butterflies and Bees
• Easy-Care Elegance: 'Azure Beauty' is a low-maintenance perennial, making it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking effortless beauty. Regular watering and occasional deadheading are all it takes to keep this Fleabane thriving and flourishing.

Butterfly and Bee Magnet: Attract beneficial pollinators to your garden, as 'Azure Beauty' is known for inviting butterflies and bees. Enhance the biodiversity of your outdoor space while enjoying the delightful presence of these winged visitors.

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