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Dahlia - DAHLIA Pompon & Ball Mixed

Dahlia - DAHLIA Pompon & Ball Mixed

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The Pompon & Ball Mixed collection features dahlias with perfectly rounded petal-packed blooms that resemble miniature fireworks in a variety of vibrant shades. The intricate layers of petals create a delightful texture, making each bloom a small, exquisite work of art.
Perfect for cutting gardens, borders, or adding flair to containers, the Pompon & Ball Mixed dahlias bring a sense of joy and sophistication to any space. These compact yet robust plants stand tall on sturdy stems, providing a delightful vertical display that captivates both garden enthusiasts and admirers alike.
Easy to cultivate and a joy to behold, these dahlias thrive in sunny locations with well-drained soil. As summer unfolds, watch in amazement as the Pompon & Ball dahlias burst into a profusion of blossoms, attracting butterflies, and bringing an air of celebration to your garden.

• Ideal for: Cut flowers
• Type: Perennial
• Plant: March onwards
• Depth: 6inches (15cm)
• Apart: 24inches (60cm)
• Bloom Time: All summer long
• Height: 36inches (90cm)
• Exposure: Full Sun
• Soil: Any, but thrive in rich soil with drainage

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