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Dahlia - DAHLIA Dark Colour Collection

Dahlia - DAHLIA Dark Colour Collection

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Introducing the Dahlia Dark Colour Collection – an exquisite ensemble of four captivating Dahlia varieties that will transform your garden into a mesmerizing tapestry of deep, rich hues. Elevate your outdoor space with the enchanting allure of Dahlia Tamburo, Dahlia Night Butterfly, Dahlia Rocco, and Dahlia Edinburgh.

Dahlia Tamburo:
Immerse your garden in the dramatic notes of Dahlia Tamburo. This deep burgundy beauty boasts velvety petals that unfold like the crescendo of a symphony. Its regal presence adds a touch of mystery to your floral display, making it a centerpiece that demands attention.

Dahlia Night Butterfly:
Allow your garden to dance with the enchanting wings of Dahlia Night Butterfly. This striking variety flaunts petals reminiscent of the midnight sky, adorned with subtle hints of iridescence. Watch as its delicate blooms attract pollinators like nocturnal butterflies, adding an ethereal charm to your outdoor sanctuary.

Dahlia Rocco:
Infuse a burst of passionate energy into your garden with Dahlia Rocco. Vibrant and bold, this variety showcases a captivating blend of deep red and maroon hues. Its robust blooms stand tall, making a bold statement that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who beholds its beauty.

Dahlia Edinburgh:
Step into the realm of sophistication with Dahlia Edinburgh. Elegance personified, this dark and mysterious flower exudes a timeless charm with its deep purple petals. As the petals unfurl, they reveal an intricate and captivating inner world, making Dahlia Edinburgh a must-have for those who appreciate refinement in their floral arrangements

• Ideal for: Beds & Borders
• Type: Perennial
• Plant: March onwards
• Depth: 6inches (15cm)
• Apart: Please see photo details
• Bloom Time: All summer long
• Height: 36-48inches (90-120cm)
• Exposure: Full Sun
• Soil: Any, but thrive in rich soil with drainage

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