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Dahlia - DAHLIA 'Bishop of Auckland'

Dahlia - DAHLIA 'Bishop of Auckland'

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A Dahlia that is captivating and regal and enchants the garden with its unique blend of deep, velvety blooms and striking dark foliage. This exceptional Dahlia variety combines the classic charm of single-flowered forms with a rich, bronze palette, creating a visual masterpiece that brings an air of sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary.

Luxurious Burgundy Blooms: 'Bishop of Auckland' boasts exquisite, burgundy-hued blooms that exude opulence and charm. The velvety texture of the petals adds a touch of luxury to your garden, creating a captivating focal point that commands attention.

Dramatic Dark Foliage: Complementing the luxurious blooms is the cultivar's distinctively dark foliage. The deep bronze to near-black leaves provide a dramatic backdrop, intensifying the overall visual impact of 'Bishop of Auckland' and setting it apart as a truly unique and ornamental Dahlia.

Single Flower Form: This Dahlia variety showcases a single-flowered form with elegantly arranged petals. The open-faced blooms exude simplicity and grace, allowing the rich burgundy colour to take centre stage while providing an appealing contrast against the dark foliage.

Compact and Upright Growth: 'Bishop of Auckland' exhibits a compact and upright growth habit, reaching a mature height of around 24 to 36 inches. The sturdy stems support the weight of the blooms, ensuring that the cultivar maintains its regal stature and elegance in the garden.

Extended Blooming Season: Revel in an extended flowering season as 'Bishop of Auckland' produces a profusion of blooms from mid-summer until the first frost. The consistent display of luxurious burgundy flowers against the dark foliage adds enduring beauty, making it a standout feature in your garden for months on end.

• Botanical Name: Dahlia 'Bishop of Auckland'
• Mature Height: 24-36 inches
• Bloom Time: Mid-summer to first frost
• Flower Form: Single
• Flower Colour: Burgundy
• Foliage Colour: Deep bronze to near-black
• Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained
• Hardiness Zone: 8-11 (typically grown as an annual)

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