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Cosmos 'Chocamocha' (P) Perennial chocolate cosmos Dwarf

Cosmos 'Chocamocha' (P) Perennial chocolate cosmos Dwarf

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Sumptuous, velvet, bronze coloured flowers sit above lanceolate green foliage with a wonderful chocolate scent. A compact plant that is perfect for a pot or the garden border.

Cosmos atrosanguineus ‘Chocamocha’, also known as Chocolate Cosmos. 🌸🍫

  • Scent: The allure of this plant lies not only in its dusky brownish-red late-summer blooms but also in its captivating fragrance. Imagine the sweet scent of vanilla and hot chocolate wafting through your garden! 🌼🍫
  • Growing Conditions: Chocolate Cosmos thrives in hot, sunny gardens. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking an exotic cut flower. Plant it in moist, well-drained soil under full sun exposure. In colder regions, consider lifting the tubers indoors for overwintering or mulching well in autumn. Alternatively, grow it in pots that can be moved indoors .

Cosmos atrosanguineus ‘Chocamocha’ is even more chocolatey in fragrance than the species and boasts a more compact growth habit, potentially eliminating the need for staking. Plus, it’s a magnet for bees and other beneficial insects. 🐝🌼

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of chocolate magic to your garden, consider planting this delightful Chocolate Cosmos! 🌸🍫

Ideal Conditions:

Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost.

Possible Situation:

Brilliant for a container or for a raised bed or mid-border.





Height x Spread / Trail:

35 x 40 cm


Attracts Wildlife


Typical Season:


Flower Colour:


Foliage Colour:


Flowering Time:

July - October

Planting Recommendations:


Raised Bed



Full Sun

Part Sun

Temperature Tolerance:

Dies back over winter, but may revive in spring if protected from frost. Alternatively dig tubers before the first frosts and keep in a cool, frost free area. Replant in a pot the following spring.

Plant Care:

Tubers should be protected by a mulch, or brought inside over winter unless in a sheltered position.

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