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Coneflower - RUDBECKIA fulgida var. deamii

Coneflower - RUDBECKIA fulgida var. deamii

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RUDBECKIA fulgida var. deamii, is a resilient and vibrant perennial that graces your garden with its golden-yellow blossoms and hardy nature. Known for its cheerful blooms and low-maintenance requirements, 'deamii' Coneflower is a classic choice that brings enduring beauty and charm to any landscape.

Sunlit Yellow Blooms: 'deamii' Coneflower boasts radiant golden-yellow flowers with dark chocolate-brown centres, creating a captivating display reminiscent of sunshine. The daisy-like blooms add a burst of colour and cheerfulness to your garden, making it an ideal choice for borders, beds, or as a delightful cut flower.

Extended Blooming Season: Enjoy a prolonged period of colour from midsummer through early Autumn as 'deamii' Coneflower continuously produces its vibrant blossoms. This extended flowering season ensures a lively and dynamic garden, providing visual interest and attracting pollinators throughout the warmer months.

Compact and Clumping Growth: With a compact and clumping growth habit, 'deamii' reaches heights of approximately 18 to 24 inches. The sturdy stems and substantial foliage contribute to its overall resilience, making it well-suited for various garden designs and able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Low-maintenance Beauty: 'deamii' Coneflower is known for its hardiness and adaptability. Thriving in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil, this perennial requires minimal care while offering maximum visual impact. It is an excellent choice for both experienced gardeners and those looking for a reliable and easy-to-grow plant.

Attracts Pollinators: The nectar-rich blooms of 'deamii' Coneflower attract pollinators, including bees and butterflies. Transform your garden into a buzzing haven as these beneficial insects contribute to the overall health and biodiversity of your outdoor space.

• Botanical Name: RUDBECKIA fulgida var. deamii
• Mature Size: 18-24 inches in height, 24-36 inches in spread
• Bloom Time: Midsummer to early Autumn
• Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade
• Soil Preferences: Well-drained, average soil
• Hardiness Zone: 4-9

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