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Blue Shades Collection Garden Bulbs

Blue Shades Collection Garden Bulbs

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25 Garden Bulbs 

Let’s explore the blue shade collection of garden bulbs, featuring gladioli, anemone, dahlia, and triteleia. Each of these bulbs brings its unique charm to your garden:

  1. Anemone blanda ‘Blue Shades’:

    • These delightful Grecian Windflowers will make your spring garden reflect the sky. Their tiny, star-like flowers cover the full spectrum of blues, ranging from clear sky blue to rich amethyst. The almost daisy-like blooms have yellow centers, creating a captivating display.
    • Key Features:
      • Good for cutting.
      • Perfect for pots.
      • Comes back every year.
      • Attractive to wildlife and pollinators.
      • Thrives well in full sun or shade.
      • Fully hardy and low maintenance.
      • Resistant to rodents, slugs, and snails.
      • RHS Award (AGM).
    • Planting Tips:
      • Plant bulbs in autumn or spring.
      • Place them in borders or containers.
      • Soak the bulbs in water before planting.
      • Plant 3-5cm deep, spacing them 5-10cm apart.
      • Lay the bulbs on their sides in the planting hole.
  2. Gladiolus:

    • Gladioli are summer-flowering bulbs known for their tall spikes of colorful blooms.
    • Consider the Gladiolus ‘Blue Isle’, which flowers from July to September and reaches a height of 120cm. 
  3. Dahlia and Triteleia:

    • While specific blue shades may not be as common in these bulbs, they offer a wide range of other colors and forms. Dahlias are known for their showy, intricate blooms, while Triteleia (also called “Fool’s Onion”) produces clusters of star-shaped flowers.
    • Explore different varieties within these bulb families to complement your blue-themed garden.

Remember to choose a suitable location based on sunlight and soil conditions for each of these bulbs. Happy gardening! 🌼🌷🌿


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